JaggerEdge luxury crossbody in shell/black tassle

JaggerEdge luxury crossbody in shell/black tassle


JaggerEdge cross body with 52 inch strap. Made in USA shell leather bag with black handcut leather tassle with custom JE hardware. (pocket measures 4 X 6.5.

JaggerEdge is a global lifestyle luxury brand founded by Gina Klein- Yao in 2009 .

JaggerEdge is and always will be MADE IN USA in our own factory. 

JaggerEdge hence “EDGE” speaks to Gina’s personality, she grew up in LA CALIFORNIA 1961 on ROCK & ROLL.

Music is a must in our studio, music helps us be and stay creative. Music, Art and Fashion are forever entwined.

We create things that we and our friends would wear. We create for that person that knows their worth inside. A person that can literally rock a garbage bag if they had to. We don’t follow trends, we design to the streets. The streets are the EDGE.

Our first “hit” and claim to fame and how we got started was the studded iphone cover back in 2009.

Our subsequent "hits" were the hang fire (tassle cover, the ring phone cover, the clutch cover,

the bunny charm, the charm cover) not to brag but almost every cover you see from the carts to top designers all originated,

or were inspired by a JaggerEdge. We literally coined the term TECHCESSORY and ignited a billion dollar global market for fashion tech.

In this fast paced “Knock off “ world, we need to keep the hits coming and always listen to the streets.

We are the first luxury company to make a luxury 420 kit.



We hold a U.S. Certificate of trademark, TRADE DRESS PATENT on our original studded cover.

US. CERT # 4,329,603

Our factory located in Los Angeles California has 40 years’ experience in Design & manufacturing.

Our “think tank” in Malibu has over 40 years combined Sales, Marketing & Design

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